KOMAKINO @ FW2014 Collections

KOMAKINO FW2014 Collections inspirations spans from military utility to the noise subculture, industrial and EBM music scene with a particular reference to the esoteric artistic collective Temple of Psychic Youth. MA-1s jacket, coat and suiting are reinterpreted with fabric contrast - heavy wool, brushed cotton and leather are mixed with colourful rubber neoprene details and camouflages.

Cut-out on jackets, with contest colour fold, utility intervention, layered flaps and coats keep a more constructed silhouette when paired with exagerated volumes and oversized tops, feather down quilted jackets and sweatpants. Signature prints and embroideries runs throughout the collection. The persistent, relentless vocabulary of the label, a fusion of counterculture references and youth codes, opens to a more refined and composed wardrobe. The Italian and English manufactured label is about clothes with spirit, an evolving collection that's potent from concept to finish.

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