Jaeger-LeCoultre @ A Rendez-Vous With You

Jaeger-LeCoultre held  <A Rendez-Vous With You> exhibition to celebrates femininity at its most timeless and universal. For women with a penchant for beauty and horological tradition, the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre married horological precision with Haute Joaillerie in inventive ways, showcased 22 timepieces. These are exquisite refined models destined to accompany the days and nights of women with a desire for reliability and beauty.

Jaeger-LeCoultre reinterpreted precisions and craftsmanship with two renowned young artisans. Illustrations of the two artists, albeit through different mediums, embody creativity and reinvention of art in sensual ways.

Through Grace Chao, she reinvented the expression of horology over handicrafts made with fresh flower petals. With young talent illustrator Mickco Chan, he illustrated the mysterious and dreamy side of every woman through his eyes and his hands.

Beautifully capturing the passage of time, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s destiny has been intrinsically linked to that of the rarest of crafts since 1833. In the 19th century, the Manufacture equipped pendant-watches, brooch-watches or wristwatches with its calibres, and embellished them using the finest engravers, enamellers and gem-setters. Out of this perfect union between Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie, the elegant and feminine ladies collection was embodied. These creations offered women a chance to master time in an era when female pioneers were starting to earn international recognition.

Women have a date with time. With their own time. On their wrist is the new Jaeger-LeCoultre: Rendez-Vous. This brand new watch has the Jaeger-LeCoultre family since 2012. Up until now women could choose from feminized versions of the men's ranges such as the Reverso Duetto or a lady's Compressor or Master Twinkling Diamond. So the arrival of the Rendez-vous presents a totally new phase in Jaeger-LeCoultre's relationship with women. More than a watch, an encounter, a state of mind, The Rendez-Vous embodies a free-spirited and spontaneous personality that is constantly reinvented and perpetually surprising. Behind the regular beat of its Manufacture movement lies a concentrated blend of the creativity that has pervaded the history of the Grande Maison. Within it blossoms the beauty of authentic horology: that which transcends time, the better to tame it.

The Reverso revels in playing on appearances. Its unique swivel reveals the secret dimensions of time: a personalized engraving, a night-time glow, the radiance of diamonds. Created in 1931, the ladies’ Reverso has since been constantly reinterpreted. As a pendant, as a handbag-watch, fitted with a cord wristlet, accentuated by the sparkle of precious stones, or featuring two back-to-back dials evoking night and day, its multi-faceted beauty has appealed to generations of refined women, who appreciate aesthetics and inner beauty. A versatile iconic watch which has become a cult object, the Reverso has conquered the world with its reversible mechanism, offering two visions of time. Both stylish and ingenious, this cult watch never ceases to reinvent itself, beautifying feminine wrists both day and night with the radiance of its diamonds.

The beautifully detailed new collection of Rendez-Vous watches with automatic winding movements aims to delight with oodles of details to coo over. The first thing to note is that these watches are all round. But if you consider that until now the rectangular Reverso has been their best seller with women, you can see that the Rendez-Vous signals a break with the past. And being Jaeger-LeCoultre, nothing but the best mechanics will do for a watch, however tempting it might be just to admire the Rendez-Vous' glamorous looks, but underneath lies a mechanical marvel that echoes the quality of work and design that mark this watch.
Jewellery Watches: the Magic of Time.

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