FENDI @ The QUTWEET Collection Christmas Pick

FENDI celebrates this Christmas with a cool and unexpected limited edition capsule collection from a totally different perspective : The QUTWEET collection. A fun touch is in the name that recalsl the tweeting of the birds in a very "cute" way, making QUTWEET...

Inspired by ironic tropical birds, is both exotic yet urban at the same time, symbolizing the breaking-point of winter with an eye towards the next season. Ironic yet always with an attention to craftsmanship and high quality materials. Strong rainbow-like colors as red, yellow and green characterize this collection by playing with the idea of freedom, escape from the winter and the city towards a real or imaginary trip to t he tropics. A collection full of great personality and character features fun geometric patterns and prints that are represented in shapes that recall the Japanese origami, creating a unique modern optical effect. 

The collection features iconic bags, the Peekaboo in special multicolor embroidered versions together with the Mini Peekaboo and the Baguette that has also a precious fur touch. The Petite2Jours is created with leather with special tropical prints.

To complete the collection, wallets in various models in ink and blue color variation with funny studded eyes, key holders, foulards with birds prints, jewelry, shoes and ready to wear pieces with the same theme.

The Bag Bugs family enlarges and welcomes the little and cute newcomers. A very special edition, all with exotic looks and colors. Fuschia and yellow version mom called Coolibri and dad in darker blue and white version called Birgami, with mink head and the bird-like crest in kiddasia welcome to the family their children Coucou, fuchsia and orange version and Softweet yellow, light blue and grey, both with fox crest and mink head.

Foll all, precious Cuoio Romano leather faces in black version with studded eyes recalling the By the Way bag studs.

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