Thirty Seconds To Mars @ Love Lust Faith + Dreams

<Love Lust Faith + Dreams> marks the fourth studio album and first album in four years for alternative rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars. This latest album of the band is conceptualized and ambitious, it has its finer moments with a bold, sleek and stylish makeover. Some may say it is a little overwrought and overproduced, the first half of the album hears lots of great band sound with great material while the second half are less triumphant with repetition. You may say it is the total concept to make it more united with constant crescendo to reach an illustrious peak. Yet, the beauty and the craft is indisputable. It is a truly enjoyable album from the onset filled with the rock of electronic guitars sounds and brass in solid moments with shining synthesizers in mixing. Inevitable, the band rocks and make full use of what they are good at by producing a bona fide music with heart.
Leto's vocal may not be as identical as many other singers but may accidentally relate to the U2-Style of the trio's performance. Hence, it is rather bright and imaginative and added quite a few remarkable tracks to an already remarkable arsenal of songs. Nevertheless, by exploring the boundaries of rock while drawing inspiration from electronic music, this good rock record shines and openly embraced . Unquestionably, best to hear this Los Angelas band perform in live.

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