Robin Thicke @ Blurred lines

Despite the controversial video which has made the big wave this summer and aired heavily during the NBA playoffs ad well as the legitimacy of the vulgar content of lyrics written in Robin Thicke new album <Blurred lines>, but hold on a minute, is there anything worst that those explicit raps with drugs, rape, and violent influences album being produced? Take no offence to that, in fact it took some alternative talents to produce such albums, quality music counts and Thicke has done even better in comparing to that, he writes, he sings, he produces, he plays keyboards. Indeed, Full attention were definitely given to Thicke while this 6th album released and noise was well invented especially the titled album and first track <Blurred Lines> which is playful with electro-funk beat featuring T.I. + Pharrell is rather catchy, young and fresh. Long a staple in the R&B ballad world (Track 8 - 4 The Rest of My Life is an obvious trademark show) and known to many pop fans with 4 singles crack the Hot 100 condescendingly, 36-year old Thicke re-entered 2013 as an artist on the outer reaches of the pop landscape with his new found spotlight by striving to become the full-fledged pop star he has been trying to achieve. Considered being more for most mom's favorite with Thicke charming and mature sound, <Blurred Lines> has not lost its direction but clearly has a variety of a mix of the 70's funk, pop, dance and electro neo-soul.

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