KENZO New Fragrance @ Flower In The Air

KENZO New Fragrance Flower In The Air  Flower has always told the story of a poppy. A militant poppy, strong and fragile, which brings beauty into the city by its sheer presence, adding a moving and obvious touch of poetry. It transcend the boundaries, outdo constraints, forget all the codes and ask ourselves: what is the essence of this saga? How to make the word more beautiful today? This resolutely free poppy decided to take to the air and infused this new creation with a unique signature. It perpetuates Flowerbykenzo’s mes sage with its own particular aura. Red flowers grew on it. Playful boys threw small s tones and broke the mirror lawn. The butterfly flowers were startled and flew away. This « reflection » was my inspiration for the new Flower. Beauty hidden, beauty revealed. The umbrella of the petals pulling the pool of per fume beneath it. Celestial armada in scarlet and crystalline light. A few forgotten drops in the palm of the hand, sublime, poetic.

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