PAULE KA @ FW2013 “I’m a mystery… or am I?” Ad Campaign

PAULE KA @ FW2013 “I’m a mystery… or am I?” Ad Campaign is fun and witty. <Will she head on up?> There’s a sense of surprise in her eyes. Would you believe she is unsure where to turn? Her A-line dress is perfectly balanced and short. Her hand brushes the hem. Soft and supple jersey wool gently sketches her shape as she walks. Her outfit is red, as are her patent pumps and her croco print bag. Red… just like her painted lips. Neither timid, nor arrogant; she knows where she’s going, when to stop. 
 <Will she tell him?> There’s doubt in her eyes, her hands firmly fixed by her side, a close-fitting tuxedo, pants with a cropped jacket in satin-lined crepe, belted with a wide bow, black obviously. She has something of a toreador, a tamed energy, a certain self-assurance revealed by an intimately feminine lace top…Neither provocation nor procrastination; she says what’s on her mind, she’s nothing left to prove. 
<Will she surrender to him?> There’s something quietly calculating in her eyes, her hands remain on her hips. Her dress, a short and sweet tulip skirt with a spectacular draped bow bustier, rustles about her like precious gold lamé wrapping. For an evening shrouded in the night lights. Neither cynical nor naïve, she loves as and when she pleases. 

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