ALDO @ AW2013 Give Me ALDO Ad Campaign

ALDO AW2013 Give Me ALDo ad campaign introduces a new visual identity and reunites an all-star cast. With product as its focus, GIVE ME ALDO connects customers with what’s best in style and what’s best for them. The campaign introduces a bold new spin on the ALDO world, courtesy of photo provocateur Terry Richardson and a stunning group of models including Ming Xi, Lily Donaldson, Jourdan Dunn, Anais Pouliot, Jessica Stam, Florian Van Bael and Mathias Lauridsen.
"This season we stripped everything down to the essentials. We wanted the product to speak for itself so we brought it to the forefront of the campaign where it belongs. Pure white backgrounds, all-black-styling, models seemingly floating in space, and beautiful product that stands out loud and proud. There's an honesty to unapologetic minimalism - it's fun and confident in its simplicity," explains Douglas Bensadoun, Creative Director/Vice President, Marketing for ALDO.
 “The collection is varied and the campaign reflects it. Whether your style is metal, punk or glam, GIVE ME ALDO delivers.“ GIVE ME ALDO is a demand, a desire, a rallying cry, it’s a declaration of effortless style for everyone. 

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