Unbeatable 激戰

Really? Is it really unbeatable?? not physically but perhaps the mind is and there is not really a bad guy in this film and the only evil to defeat is from your very own. On the other hand, for once you have made up your mind and trying to achieve something that your ought to change the life of your own or to inspires the others, you best do it right and make it work and best not turning back or there is no turning back. There is no doubts you will see lots of sweat and bloods and hard core training in order to have the ultra-fit figures and muscles in order to carry the character's played by the two major lead casts Nic Cheung and Eddie Pang as the MMA fighters/boxer. Action film director Dante Lim formulaic style of film making can't really excel himself by making other genres but with much repetition in comparing to his own previous films made with a hint of comedic melodrama approach. Despite Cheung's hard core hell's day by day training for nearly a year and to change to his special diet in in order to made him a steel man by playing such role, there may not be another time for him to achieve from such training any further. But hell yeah, Cheung had earned all his credits by showing off his achievements (the transformation from his skinny figure to a complete solid muscleman)that wowed by many others including both sexes. Indeed, credit are given to his professionalism towards film making.

Rating : 3/5

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