SWATCH @ Les Années Folles Collection

SWATCH FW2013 LES ANNÉES FOLLES collection capatures with street smart, witty and glamouros. Wise to street signals and signs of change, Swatch delivers a wide-ranging array of intriguing new models that explores the themes and variations trending now: contemporary colours, patterns, textures and shapes capture culture emerging in the streets. A dazzling retro interlude sees streamlined forms paying homage to the legendary Années Folles.
She takes delight in all things bold and beautiful, especially such wonderful things as these. Their elegance has never been matched, their style still captures the eye and heart. Tortoise shell bracelets and stylish forms pay homage to those crazy years les années folles when elegance was an artful game that everyone was free to play. Inspired by the decorative arts of the time, three Swatch tortoise shell models, a Gent, a Lady and a Square present contemporary variations. A fourth presents a refined play of pearls.

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