PYE @ FW2013 Collection

PYE FW2013 collection centers around the heather yarn and fabrics made with weaves and patterns using heather yarns. A heather yarn is a specialty yarn comprised of fibres of multiple colours spun together. PYE made the heather yarn the center of its woven shirt collection this season to bring an added complexity to its patterns and solid colours. Through the intricacy and subtleties of the patterns, PYE hopes to intrigue the customer, and to create an opportunity for him to want to learn more about the details of how a shirt is designed and made.
Patterns featuring the heather yarn are used in both the PYE dress shirt and casual shirt collections. In the dress shirts it is featured in both checks and stripes, and the use of it allows for a more subtle interpretation of traditionally bold colours such as grey or navy. In the casual shirting line, the heather is featured most heavily in multi-coloured check flannel combinations, allowing for variations and special textures for depth and warmth.
The heather yarn is often used for basic athletic style T-shirts, but when appropriated into the PYE woven dress and casual shirt lines, it allows for the creation of garments that are deceptively distinctive, straddling different stylistic spheres of influence and stature. In the story of PYE, you might say that the heather acts here as a bridge between the starkness and clean lines of the white dress shirt, and the gracefulness and traditions of the mandarin shirt.
An expanded Mandarin Collection featuring several updated mandarin collars alongside the classic Zu and Liu collars, is also central to the FW2013 offering. The addition of heather solids in greys and blues in the Mandarin collection rounds out the offering and creates garments with a modern gracefulness. PYE FW2013 Mandarin collection, based on the Chinese tradition of the mandarin collar and grounded in heather fabrics for a contemporary elegance, provides a new foci for the PYE collection.

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