KIEHL'S @ Super Multi-Corrective Cream

KIEHL'S Super Multi-Corrective Cream offers a hard-working solution to correct multiple key signs of aging in just 2 weeks and double efficacy within 4 week. Aging is an inevitable part of life. With that universal fact, most people don’t simply address a single age factor, they look to address everything that is causing them to look older such as: exercise for a youthful figure, hair color to mask grey hair, healthy diet to prevent age related disease and anti-aging products for younger looking skin. Kiehl’s chemists were determined to formulate this multi-tasking innovation in a cream formula for two reasons: To ensure the delivery system of the three anti-aging ingredients could additionally offer nourishing, anti-aging hydration benefits - a key factor in improving skin barrier and skin texture. To act as a “harder working, multi-tasking” anti-aging solution, one that easily fits into a busy woman’s daily routine. 

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