The Conjuring

 <The Conjuring> is no doubt one of the most scariest movies in eons and if not certain in 2013. Based on the true case files of the Warrens and from the Australian director of <SAW> & <INSIDIOUS> James Wan who created an excellent thrilling ambience with dark and creepy yet haunting approach at his best. You may not want to play hide and seek anymore after watching this film as the chase is frightening and deadly. This American summer hit delivered a spectacular reassurance that it can be related to a ghost story that really happened. <The Conjuring> ratchets up dead through a series of effective old-school scares, it was well crafted and gleefully creepy yet none of this is bloody or violent. Wan did best in steering the spine-tingling helm which nightmares are made and complete with spills, unholy chills. The twin screenwriter Chad and Carey Hayes wrote the superlative in <The House of Wax> in 2006 and <The Conjuring> once again has shown their talent in fashioning a harrowing montage of thrills from beginning to end where the haunting psychologically comes direct from our mind while being put in such horrified dark and unknown situation.

Rating :4/5

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