PAULE KA @ FW2013 Collection

PAULE KA FW2013 Collection is a winter collection that proposes to liberate everything one desires. Encountering new lands, remaining faithful through change, living multiple lives at the same time, being another while remaining oneself. One single obligation, to dare! Dare the long and the short, the cinched and the voluminous, the matte and the silky, the feminine and the masculine, the mesh and the vinyl, the tweed and the metal, the zipper and the buckle…
Serge Cajfinger imagined a wardrobe like a sheet of music, upon which each note echoes the other, where each piece accompanies the other, merging together and yet remaining distinct, to allow the woman to explore all the territories of a fashion, one that is above all her own… from head to toe! <UPTOWN The city pulsates, bustles, clashes together. One must wrest one’s place, impose, negotiate, defy, compromise, earn a living… be unyielding with elegance. The codes of the Fashion House are present; however, re-orchestrated over a lighter tempo. The chic, so Parisian, is casually colored. The silhouette remains structured, but the way it’s carried, always impeccable, evokes movement. The structure remains rigorous but the fantasy, which comes to break the codes and galvanize the allure, asserts itself. The beautiful materials, hallmark of the brand, are chosen and transformed to be even more supple so as to better accompany the ease of the body and to highlight the elegance of movement in an article of clothing that falls with irreproachable allure.
<DOWNTOWN> The city billows, softens, shares. One must discover, saunter, meet, linger, wander, be moved… be vulnerable with confidence. The more confidence, the more freedom in a collection constructed around clothes that, depending on how they’re assembled or accessorized, offer the enhancement of one aspect of oneself. Forgotten is the assembled outfit, at times a bit rigid. The Fall Winter 2013 collection lends itself to the game and affirmation of a more audacious personality.

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