Cathay Pacific X The Langham Hong Kong X The Latest Chinese Cuisine

Cathay Pacific X The Langham Hong Kong have joined together to launch an exciting new inflight menu promotion. The new menu features dishes inspired by T‟ang Court, the Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant at The Langham, Hong Kong. The special promotional menu is being served to passengers in First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy Class onboard selected Cathay Pacific flights departing from Hong Kong.
Carefully selected, a total of 16 dishes designed by Chef Kwong Wai-keung, Executive Chinese Chef at The Langham, Hong Kong, have been introduced on Cathay Pacific menus from August until the end of October 2013 on the majority of flights departing from Hong Kong. The specially created dishes will provide a unique inflight dining experience for Cathay Pacific passengers, with authentic Cantonese cuisine and an emphasis on healthy ingredients.
Signature dishes from the promotional menu include “Australian abalone with jelly fish” and “Wok-fried prawns with black truffle paste”. Jelly fish is rich in protein, minerals and Vitamin B and helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Abalone contains high levels of calcium, iron, iodine and other nutrients and is good for the functioning of the adrenal glands and maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Black truffle paste is rich in a variety of amino acids, vitamins and proteins, helping to boost the body‟s immunity and protect against ageing.
Cathay Pacific General Manager Inflight Services James Ginns said: “We strive to provide the best inflight products and services to our passengers, and the food we serve on our aircraft is an important element of our service offering. We know that our passengers like to see a variety of food options and enjoy trying exciting inspired by T‟ang Court, the Michelin-starrednew dishes from time to time. “Since 2000, we have been promoting quality Chinese cuisine in collaboration with renowned restaurants in Hong Kong on our flights. We are delighted to partner with the world-renowned T‟ang Court once again for our latest inflight menu, and I‟m sure that passengers will enjoy these fabulous creations, a true taste of Hong Kong at 38,000 feet in the air!.

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