Indigo Pearl Phuket @ Rivet Culinary Theatre

Indigo Pearl Phuket unveiled a uniquely distinct lifestyle experience with the introduction of an interactive culinary theatre that accompanies the reinvention of its signature fine dining restaurant Rivet. Exquisitely fusing the elements of Fashion. Art. Cuisine. and Entertainment., Rivet exemplifies a contemporary new direction in dining experience that offers an innovative East meets West discovery with a marked creative difference. The integration of fusion cuisine accompanied by a bespoke tapas menu created by Chef Jack Yoss provides guests with an unparalleled gastronomic experience that promises to set a new standard in Thailand and regionally. Chef Yoss excels in unique menu creations and specialises in the masterful combination of Pan Asian flavours.
 The F.A.C.E. lifestyle experience exemplified at Rivet further integrates the best of the worlds of fashion, art, and live performances bringing a new dynamism to dining as a pure culinary theatre to be enjoyed in an unprecedented sensory setting. By weaving together a fabric of culinary theatre, Indigo Pearl celebrates a new lifestyle aesthetic of art and gastronomy, which are the foundations of a stay at Indigo Pearl. Chef d’Oeuvres from award-winning designer and artist Pierre Koukjian are on display for the inaugural Rivet art exhibit, while the backdrop of INIS jewellery exemplifies leading design and stone settings.
Steeped in the resort’s luxurious industrial chic aesthetic, Rivet features original design pieces such as vintage tin mining dredges that have been remodelled into intimate dining booths. Indigo Pearl’s architecture is built around the historic theme of tin mining providing guests with a window into the raw beauty of the island’s past. With its postmodern art of expexposed metal pieces, the resort introduces a new aspect to the cultural richness of Phuket. In addition to Rivet, Indigo Pearl’s other acclaimed restaurants offer deliciously different dining opportunities. Enjoy the authentic flavours of Phuket at the crown of Indigo Pearl’s jewel, Black Ginger, witness live cooking sessions at Tin Mine, or dine by the ocean at Côtémer.

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