The Opposite House Soundtrack Volume 5

The Opposite House Beijing released Oppositehouse Vol 5 following the previous releases of Vols 1, 2, 3, and 4. This fifth limited edition CD includes 10 tracks by some of China’s most diverse musicians (some of them were a little out there with their previously known music recorded).  Like the first four, the album has been specially created for guests to enjoy in-house or to take away as a gift and is not for sale and the vol 5 came as a USP key form instead of the regular disc for a change. Oppositehouse Vol 5 features a wider range of tracks which represent the funk, soul and jazz scene in China. Most of tracks were recorded for pop of commercial fashion for listening pleasure yet the album would suit alternative rock listeners immensely besides a few jazz tracks which are acceptably listenable. If this were the genre of music that picked for the hotel in house playlists, you may not feel buoyed up by it. From the Yi minority singer Ji Jie who combined the old Yi tribes’ songs with soul and jazz influences, to the most iconic rock star Cui Jian, with his dual rap with drummer Beibei based on a live recording made at Snow Mountain Festival which is one of the disasters from the entire album. We have high hope on Cui Jian but this time, he doesn't deliver. It was just a clamor. The Red Groove Project, a long-time collaboration between the famous singer Shunza and jazz musician Lawrence Ku, who consider them to be the funkiest band in China also did not bring out the best of Shunza voice but the music composition made her a lazy singer for not opens up her voice loud and clear.The album cover art design “Singing and Walking” is provided by Lv Peng, who graduated as a PHD student from Central Academy of Fine Arts is rather a compliment to suit the hotel image and style. If this album is trying to showcase the young and present talents from China to expose a unique personality of an alternative music genre like groove, Acid Fuck, soul and jazz or more, trying harder perhaps in vol 6 could better be a brighter idea.

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