A Late Quartet OST

The motion picture <A Late Quartet> is a film for classical string quartet enthusiasts, as well as for those diehards that want challenging movies about interpersonal relationships that are always on the edge of fraying into artistic bitterness and arguments. The soundtrack is surprisingly refreshing and abounds in beautiful original orchestrations, composed by the legendary film composer Angelo Badalamenti, which capture each mood as the characters progress to the defining moment of performing a Beethoven string quartet. The soundtrack, to quote the film’s Director, Yaron Zilberman, “is a juxtaposition of two main compositions that are continuously in dialogue with the plot and among themselves: Beethoven’s iconic op. 131 upon which the film is structured, masterfully played by the Bretano String Quartet, and Angelo Baldalamenti’s exquisite and soulful score.Together they tell the story of the film, functioning as a conscious/subconscious duo, the inner and outer voices of a string quartet.”
In addition to the aforementioned, there are also two cameo performances from Anne Sofie von Otter singing Korngold and Christian Puig singing and playing Spanish guitar music.The disc overall is a delight from beginning to end, capturing so many contrasting moods of joy and pain. You can either choose to have beautiful background music or listen with great intensity. Highly recommended.

Rating : 4/5

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