Singer-musician turned film director Jay Chou is rather ambitious this time by playing numerous roles on his second film <The-Rooftop> since his directorial debut <Secret> six years ago. Chau role including direction, co-screenplay writing, acting, action direction, music scores, post editing and more. <The-Rooftop> involves in many different areas or shall we rather say this is a hyper-ostentatious rom-com musical Kung Fu action with poorly and outdated crafted screenplay to win a lady's heart from a puppy love. Hmm...Chou may have gone too far this time in pursuit of the technical excellence (it was a bit overwhelmed indeed) and lost sight of telling a good story. Chou had surely created a retro visual fairy tale in the production set, costumes and many other efforts invested. However, the absence of the genuine emotion and feelings were hollow to move on with the not so dramatic and uninteresting flow.

Rating : 3/5

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