agnès b. DÉLICES @ Festive Series Moment de Lune Mid-autumn Collection

agnès b. DÉLICES presents the festive series Moment de Lune Mid-autumn Collection to make this festive time of the year even sweeter! Apart from the signature chocolate mooncakes: Lychee Rose Mango Dark Chocolate Mooncake, Caramel Biscuit Dark Chocolate Mooncake, Banana Crunch Milk Chocolate Mooncake, Hazelnut Gianduja Milk Chocolate Mooncake, a series of cookie crust new flavors: 83% Extra Noir Chocolate Cookie Mooncake, and Lychee Rose Dark Chocolate Cookie Mooncake are also introduced.
 The enchanting blend of French and Chinese fusion experience includes the <Chocolate and Cookie Crust Mooncake> Each cookie crust mooncake of Moment de Lune Mid-autumn Collection is either coated with the finest chocolate cookie or plain cookie with the signature b. or stylish star design to bring a well-balanced taste that matches the rich fillings! <Chocolate Mooncake> A total number of six creative fillings, which will surely linger in your mouth for perfect enjoyments: 83% Dark Chocolate, Lychee Rose, Lychee Rose (with Mango), Caramel Biscuits, Banana Crunch and Hazelnut Gianduja. All from our most popular praline with a twist!

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