TRUE RELIGION @ "Made in Italy" Collection

True Religion "Styled in California, made in Italy" collection is the new all-Italian line manufactured in the craft workshops where technology helped develop traditional sartorial savoir faire. Made in Italy is the first jeans line entitled to boast the claim “Styled in California, Made in Italy,” in that it combines the original allure of fashionable American jeans with the accurate make of Italian style. Produced with top-quality denim, designed for men and women that see fashion as an expression of culture combining tradition and innovation in one expression, Made in Italy develops the charm of unique, exclusive, timeless fashion.
The all-Italian craft collection features fine fabrics and washes and carefully designed details. The collection includes 18 men’s items and 18 women’s items, divided in two groups: 50’S GROUP and 1971. 50’S GROUP This group digs its roots into the heritage of classic American denim with a focus on seams, made more pop by the bold yarn colour. All the women’s items come in stretch fabrics, while a stretch and a woven fabric are used for men’s items.
The 1971 Vintage denim, introduced for the first time in a stretch fabric. The logo on the back pockets is sewn from the inside and pressurized. This special technique makes it more and more visible as the jeans are worn.

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