MARIMEKKO @ AW2013 Collection

MARIMEKKO AW2013 Collection back to the core of the Art of Print Making. Colour for a Season Autumnal weather patterns reveal aspects of intriguing beauty: highlights of colour against a grey background. Directed by Head of Fashion Design Noora Niinikoski, reflects seasonal changes of the surrounding world. The design team was inspired by the clean geometry of 1920s and 1930s art and its similarity with folk art as well as the beauty of exuberant autumnal gardens. The designs, combining calm tones and vibrant accent colours such as burgundy, emerald green, cyclamen and coral, offer a contemporary interpretation of Marimekko’s core, the art of print making.
The bold Paanu (pile of boards) series combines different geometric elements of the Marimekko design language into one, exciting print that is accentuated by the architectonic cuts of the cotton clothes. The Justiina cotton styles and Vallaton (rambunctious) wool coats also celebrate strong geometric shapes with clean check patterns that are nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. The Benu Bono cotton series and Nutut (coatee) wool coats, featuring large colour blocks, represent the more minimalistic Marimekko look.
Exuberant floral glow is another key theme of the season, the overflowing beauty of autumnal gardens has inspired many fascinating designs for the collection. The first ones to arrive in early autumn are the lightweight, colourful Odessa pieces and Unikko (poppy) clothes in black and white that take our thoughts towards the new season. Some of the boldest floral prints in the collection include Hanabana: the delicate and expressive floral Niwa print blooms on minimalistic lyocell clothes, while the painterly Hanabana comes to life on soft velvet designs. The clean lines and light material of the Oodi (ode) lyocell styles compliment the lush floral print that depicts autumnal flowers reaching towards the last sunrays of the day.
Winter is the time of many celebrations, Marimekko put together a memorable party. The fashion line colours wintertime festivities with bold prints and shapes that are sure to stand out from the crowd. Among the most stunning party pieces are the Lumimarja (snow berry) clothes: a Marimekko classic of the 21st century, Lumimarja takes the stage in flowy, lightweight silk garments. The series is complemented by matching clutches and scarves.

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