Balmain New Fragrance @ Eau d’Ivoire

Balmain Eau d’Ivoire is an upbeat travel souvenir, like Olivier Rousteing’s memory of a stay at South Beach, a scent that will mark Balmain fashion with structured casualness and elegant insolence. Re-written not too long ago, Ivoire re-invents itself whilst maintaining its original power as an accessory for Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain woman. Palm trees, Cadillacs, walls with colors devoured by the sun: this season a new page in the Ivoire story will be written in Miami, a place of warmth and delicious Cuban influences, with a beautiful Art Deco district and energy and optimism to spare. For this escape to pleasure, the Balmain woman needs a new fragrance worthy of the city’s immoderate appeal. Pink, like the walls on Collins Avenue, pastel, like the ones along Ocean Drive…unique Eau d’Ivoire. Stylized elegance, as fresh and luminous as it is feminine. Perfectly in-line with Ivoire. Eau d’Ivoire is the Balmain woman’s summer accessory: a subtle mix of exceptional materials blended with natural simplicity.
Energy first of all: the vibrant energy of bergamot essence and the resonance of sun-drenched sweet red currant. Next comes joy, with a flower heart bursting into bloom. The exquisite exoticism of honey-toned osmanthus absolute brings to mind the roundness of a lusciously ripe apricot. Magnolia essence deploys a vanilla-scented softness, lightly accented with lemon. Eau d’Ivoire signs off with a fresh, warm perfume trail, where musk, spiced with patchouli, makes skin irresistible. A couture signature on vacation.

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