2/3 Dolci @ Gelato.Pasticceria.Caffe

For a non dessert fanatic people like me, I still get mesmerized by this newly opened authentic gourmet Gelato, Pasticceria and Caffe in Star Street, Wan Chai which brought in the most genuine Italian desserts to feed the Hong Kong's food junkies. Not only the sweet looks extremely inviting with its presentation, less is more is the main criteria made 2/3 Dolci produced such a quality pasticceria as what this little shop has to offer for now is just only 5 Gelatos, 17 pasticceria and 6 Premium coffee and tea. 2/3 Dolci specially flown in the traditional Italian dessert making machine to produce the 100% daily hand-made gourmet pasticceria by using imported premium French chocolate, 100% pistachio, real rose and lychee tea, Japanese maccha and red beans, French Guava puree. The getalo is 100% natural with the Recipe circa since 1927. The only gelato artesian in Hong Kong using this method “come una volta” which is the old fashioned way using a slowchurn process to produce such traditional and genuine gelatos. As such, it is more healthy and natural compared to commercial ice-cream that holds up to 50% air within, our gelato holds no more than 10% . No compensated high-fat cream, heavy sugars and artificial flavours with gourmet ingredient  like Sicilian pistachio, Piedmont hazelnuts, hand-made caramel. Indeed the quality says it all.
Why “2/3 Dolci”? That is simply because 2/3 of their products are sweets with a touch of Italian flair and 2/3 in size and sweetness compared to original Italian recipe. Quantity VS quality, we are sure what you would choose to satisfy your desire. 4 out of the 17 signature pastries are the :

A 8-layered Guava cake alternating sponge cake, guava jelly, guava ganache, and guava mousse to create a very light and fresh cake.

The 100% Italian pistachio cream hides the caramel cream within while the tart base is layered with sponge cake, custard cream and pistachio paste
and chocolate film.

Underneath the red dome is panna cotta and mousse is from infusing
real lychee and rose tea leafs.

The name of this triple chocolate cake is just being humble. It has a crunchy chocolate base made with gianduja, a chocolate sponge in the middle then chocolate mousse before 64% chocolate brandied truffle supports a very thin 64% chocolate plate.
The Italian coffee roasted in Italy comes with a hint of hazelnut caramel, medium body, very smooth and hint of berry acidity and sweetness, made possible by the most innovative roasting method.  The authentic and premium Italian Tea - La Via del Tè tea leaves, a Florentine tea craftsmen since 1961 is also unique for 2/3 Dolci. The 1/3 Dolci and 2/3 Dolci Hot Chocolate is made from French with 56% and 64% chocolate chunks, two options of sweet and bitterness

2/3 Dolci Starstreet Shop
Address: 2E Starstreet, Wanchai, Hong Kong
T: +852 3426 9883
1130-2030 Daily ( Close Every Monday )

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