The Way We Dance 狂舞派

We can't deny that there weren't many dance movies made in Hong Kong and <The Way we Dance> is part of the very few made especially without any big casts, in fact none big casts that perhaps helped to ease the production burden by dealing with those highly over paid actors and yet may not deliver what the smaller production could. We didn't see much energy from the dance choreographed but only repetition and other reviews from various sources including some filmmakers may have overrated the film for giving such sparks and inspirational life adding to the local grumbled squawking affairs. Perhaps, this is what the people need right now at this moment with much more voices and courage from different angles to peace their aching mental. There isn't also much good acting from all except the Babyjohn Choi who played the head of the Tai Chi Club stealed the whole show and need not going through much of the dancing scenes shot. How far can you go for your dream marked the tag line of this movie in order for one to chase their dream without giving up. Is the movie really inspiring? not really. But credit were still need to be given to those production team who tried so hard in making this work especially lacking of support from various sectors.

Rating : 3/5

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