Lisa Ono @ Japão 2

Lisa Ono made a triumphant come back in <Japao 2> since her last year release <Japao> with the cover version of J-POP classics. Ono's significant soft voice won many followers from her English and Portuguese Bossa Nova and now backed once again to her Japanese root bringing one step closer with more intimacy to her Japanese fans yet introducing the J-POP musics to every corner of the world withe her already known singing career. That is exactly what <Japao> series likes to deliver. One of the <Japao 2> highlights is the homage to the late Teresa Tang's classic <Good Bye My Love> and two new tracks are added to the album in Portuguese lyrics. <Japao 2> took a year for recording in Rio, Tokyo, Loa Angeles and Seoul with brand new Jazz and Bossa Nova arrangement highlights Ono's voice with new dimension of singing style. You may not find much surprises in this album but Ono being Ono and she is truthful to her music genre and she is there to please and compliment those sentimental and heartfelt temperament. <Japao 2> is safe and making it one of the most easy listening over a hot summer breezy afternoon without any question.

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