LONGCHAMP @ FW2013/14 Ombres et Lumières Collection

LONGCHAMP FW2013/14 Ombres et Lumières collection translate the Shadows and light follows up the spring’s architectural theme by stepping indoors to explore the worlds of three celebrated interior designers ~ André Arbus, Madeleine Castaing and David Hicks  whose style not only defined their time, but shaped the creative vision of future generations. The result is a collection rich in colour, texture and detail which even in the depths of winter will bring warmth and elegance to every day.
 The first of the season’s three themes draws inspiration from the architect, sculptor and decorator André Arbus, the defining name in French design in the 1940s. Reacting against the hard-edged Art Deco style of the previous decade, he reintroduced curvaceous lines which coupled with his predilection for luxurious materials, including rare woods, silk and parchment  ushered in a new spirit of sensuality. This is reflected in the theme’s subtle yet sumptuous colours in particular its palette of pastel greys, purples and blues interpreted in refined textures, including velvet and velours leather.
To the Sixties and Madeleine Castaing, antique dealer and interior designer extraordinaire. Originally a friend and patron to artists and musicians, including Modigliani, Soutine, Erik Satie, Chagall and Picasso, she later indulged her passion for interior design. Opening an antiques shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, she decorated it like a private apartment ~ a revolutionary idea that showcased her lavish and highly influential style. The season’s second theme, with its rich mix of reds, bronzes, animal prints and exotic finishes, evokes the designer’s famously extravagant juxtapositions, creating an alluring and poetic ambiance.
 The third theme pays tribute to David Hicks, the iconic and iconoclastic  interior design star of the Seventies, whose clientele famously ranged from English aristocrats to leading figures in the worlds of media and fashion. Drawing inspiration from his daring combinations of black and white energized by vibrant brights, this dynamic theme contrasts graphic monochromes with dazzling fuchsia or ultraviolet and eye-popping print.
The Longchamp shoe collection now more extensive than ever before interprets the season’s key themes on a wide range of styles and introduces its first-ever sneaker!
Other highlights are desirable, including LE PLIAGE® PYTHON in calf leather, LE PLIAGE® PATCH EXOTIC with an extravagant mix of materials on a felt base, LONGCHAMP 3D with a whole series of surprising colours, ROSEAU BOX that are the fusion of class design and innovative materials, and POIS that exudes the glitters of the 60’s.
Also worth noting is the chic men’s collections, which features the LONGCHAMP 3D (for men), LM CUIR, VEAU FOULONNÉ, as well as S@FARI-SUR-FEINE, all of which are the best combos with business suit and winter casual.
In leather goods, the season’s big story is the launch of the new QUADRI collection in supple sheep leather embossed with a crisscross grain. Three spacious shapes a hobo, a shopper and a hand-held tote – and a smaller cross-body bag exude the easy, careless elegance of cool Parisian girls. Functional and fashionable, all come accessorized with their own cute charm: a leather tag and metal plate engraved with Longchamp symbols.

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