Internet connect us in just one click away and give us almost every solution but at the same time, it does disconnect us from the outside world and gradually losing the real contact with people around us including our beloved family and friends. <Disconnect> is a film well made by academy award nominated director Henry-Alex Rubin explores the destructive potential of the internet in this ensemble drama written by Andrew Stern. The film pulling multiple strong casts together in connecting each of everyone of them into seemingly has nothing in common but they are actually inter-related when the story develops making it timely, effective exploration of modern society's technology overload. <Disconnect> is a manner tragedy and a cautionary tale of the Internet age centered on a roundelay of occasionally interesting story lines that finally culminate in dramatic individual catharses, each staged with melodramatic overstatement. The film is intense and very powerful reflecting how much attention were drawn by the Internet that could easily bring us so much of the unaware disastrous and it does destroy our live completely. The film has some similarity from the Oscar winning movie <Crash> despite of the character's connection in development. It is a computer version of <Crash>. However, Fashion Designer turned actor Marc Jacobs debuts in the film playing his role quite prominently marks another mileage for the gentlemen himself. <Disconnect> is definitely one of the must-watch movies of 2013.

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