PASSENGER @ All The Little Lights

Founder, vocalist and  the songwriter Mike Rosenberg drive the force behind this English folk-rock outfit passenger after extricate from an English quintet in the early 2000's. In his latest release <All The Little Lights>, the remaining Rosenberg preserved mostly acoustic in sound and there's no electronic crafting or imposing sounds offering an alternative evocative collection of heartfelt sonic in a bolder production style. You may want to chill out with this album with a pure sound for a less is more crave. Indie folk music is hard to get, especially to have it rise ans shine without much introduction. Hence, double effort were needed when the music is produced. With a similar song writing style, the multi-intrsumentalist Rosenberg was so understated with less hyped with calming tones and witty lyrics to get noticed yet maintaining the emotional intimacy of all outings. The album was self funded by Rosenberg and was recorded in his adopted homeland Australia reminiscent of a folky sensitivity allied to the English sensation between his tour dates with wistfully romantic ballads. At least a comfortable voice is found for Rosenberg song-writing business.

Rating : 3/5

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