Sci-fi movie is about imagination and go beyond the borders with the unexpected invention and this time, it is "riddickulous". The opening scene runs almost 10 minutes of length to keep up wonder which planet are we actually on (in fact, non was told even after the credit rolls) by knowing anymore human or creatures living among us. The unknown was indeed the fun part of this film. <RIDDICK> doesn't sound too shabby it if is being classed under the B film category for the appeal, at least their innovative invention of the gadgets, weapons to kill , the Riddick's white iris (which doesn't do much effort to save his life) and the costumes may seems to be a little back date than suppose in the future era and etc shall be credited, for better or worst. This sci-fi claptrap looks made on the cheap and of course the Riddick can't die as Vin Diesel has invested in this film as one of the Executive Producers with the Hero image remains. The lifeless planet has no life except some endanger creepy crawlies, they are larger than life, so was the film.

Rating : 2/5

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