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Inakaya celebrated  an encompassing Miyazaki festival jointly hosted with the Miyazaki Prefecture Government and JA Miyazaki Keizairen by introducing the gourmet and art to Hong Kong recently. The one-month-long festival introduced the abundance of original sea and agricultural products from Miyazaki which was transformed into scrumptious gourmet by the ‘Chef Duo ’ from Inakaya and Miyazaki, along with a series of Miyazaki traditional art and cultural performances. mylifestylenews stepped in for a glimpse where the Miyazki Tea ceremony took place and presented by the highest rank - Grade 10 Miyazaki-bornTea Master Hirotsugu Sekiya who is currently one of the nine people in Japan who is entitled the 10th Rank Tea Master. 
The most celebrated tea Miyazaki Keizairen Chokuhan 十段乃茶 (Judan no Cha) which is an elegant collection handpicked from 4000 tonnes of tea leaves.

The production of tea in Japan is approximately 82,000 tons per year and this is equivalent to a bout 2-3% of the world's total tea production. 

The majority of this production is of green teas and among these, sen tea accounts for 90%. Sea tea is prepared by steaming raw leaves which is a unique process in Japan.

The Miyazki Prefecture is symbolized by "the sun and greenery" which has the perfect environment for cultivating tea because the region is blessed with a mild climate, moderate rainfall and fertile land.

The prefecture is ranked fouth in terms of domestic production and the producing areas are widely distributed from the coastal region to an elevation of 700m.

In Miyazaki, Sen tea, Fukamushi tea, Mushiseitamaryoku tea and Kamairi tea are produced. The Miyazaki tea raised in this environment has a well-rounded aroma and is rich in taste while containing an abundance of amino acids and catechins.

Sen Tea is a green tea that is most commonly drunk among Japanese teas. To make this tea, freshly picked new leaves are steamed with vapor and then dried while being massaged. The color of the water is generally a yellowish-green and you can better feel the elegance of the flavor and aroma.

Kamairi Tea is a green tea made by boiling tea leaves in a kettle. This is a tea with a unique aroma and a refreshing taste with a little astringency. This is a rare variety of tea accounts for less than 1% of green tea production in Japan but Miyazaki Prefecture is the number one production area in the country with more than half of the Kamairi tea in the nation production here.

Fukamushi Tea is a green tea that is made by steaming tea leaves even more than with Sen tea. This is a tea characterized by its lack of a strong smell and astringency as well as its mild flavor.

In Japan, we have a tournament at which production youths and commerce and industry youths connected with the tea industry throughout Japan that have gathered together since the event started in 1956.

There is a competition called <All Japan Tea Examination Technique Competition Tournament> for the acquisition for the Grade 10, which is the highest ranking by judging over your techniques to determine the relative merits of the quality of tea.

The festival also celebrating with a Miyazaki menu paying tribute to unique local ingredients and techniques. Inakaya’s Executive Chef Imai Masakazu paid a visit to Miyazaki in early July to personally select the ingredients and familiarized himself with the local cuisine. The Inakaya Miyazaki menu was a delightful combination of pristine Miyazaki products and flavors of nature. The Miyazaki Menu Highlight is the <Chicken Nanban> - a local fare tantalizing the taste bud with the juicy meat wrapped by the golden crispy outer layer, doused in a sweet and sour mayonnaise sauce and  the <Miyazaki Gyu> - a two-times champion in the Competitive Exhibition of Japanese Beef.  <Mehikari Fish Tempura> - a deep water fish found only in Miyazaki. Impressing with the crystal green eyes and its crispiness. <Red Mango Dessert> - a famous mango in red skin with refreshing freshness. A signature fruit in Miyazaki.
<Picked Raw Miyazaki Beef with Konbu Seaweed served with Spinach in Bonito Soup, Burdock Kimpira, Grilled Taro with Miso and Umami Simmered Shredded Radish>
<Sashimi - Fatty Tuna, Greater amberjack, Small abalone, Striped Jack and Thinly Sliced Flounder>
<Miyazaki Pork Belly Sawaniwan Style Clear Soup served with Hyugarashi Pepper Sauce, Pepper and Sliced Hebesu Lime> & <Nanban Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Green Salad and Assorted Bell Pepper served with Tartare sauce>
<Tempura - Prawn, Greeneye Fish, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin served with Kitaura Sea Salt and Hebesu Lime>
<Miyazaki Gyu>
<Miyazki Traditional Rice in Cold Miso soup served with Pickles>
<Hyuganatsu Orange Kanten and Panna Cotta served with Kumquat Sauce & Miyazaki Red Mango>

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