MISSHA @ Super Aqua Ultra Water-full

MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra-full Clear Cream. Fresh moisture supply keeps moist skin through increasing moisture sustaining power to activate moisture energy by extracts of baobab tree and Adenium which are good at moisturizing and vitality. Clear gel type texture cream with oilless system which is not contained a drop of oil to prevent greasiness helps control the skin balance as filling moisture and reducing sebum. Containing glycoprotein Antarcticine extract from Antarctica glacier provides cool soothing by protecting skin silky and moisturized. Plus, containing birch sap which is excellent in relaxing effect, instead of purified water, helps make skin fully-moisturized.   
MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Water-full Gel Serum strengthen moisture holding effect. The botanic moisture condensing ingredients extracted from Baobab Tree and Portulaca make your skin moisturized while enhancing moisture holding effect in the skin. Create moisture barrier to prevent dehydration. Skin friendly ingredients such as Marula oil, Milk thistle oil and Argan oil protect the skin from dehydration by creating moisture barrier. Moist jelly type aqua oil with fresh and smooth texture with benefit of Micro-oil technology, which compresses big oil particles into micro-aqua oil, it provides fresh and smooth texture without greasy or sticky afterfeel.

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