GODIVA @ 2013 Truffes Légendaires Collection

GODIVA 2013 Truffes Légendaires Collection includes six delectable offerings, one brand-new creation, plus five updated renditions of past signature favourites. Joyous sensations range from intense, rich cocoa to smooth, velvety centres that include Ugandan and Congolese chocolate ganache, coffee-flavoured mousse, praline mousse and dark chocolate cream, with each truffe coated in a delicious layer of premium-grade GODIVA chocolate. The sensuous experience of every bite is simply unforgettable. Comes in a dark-brown gift box engraved with a soft grain layer together with dark orange linings and ribbon create a subtle, elegant feeling. Inlaid on the top of the box is a stylish gold plate that states, “Truffes Legendaries”. The GODIVA 2013 Truffe Chocolate Collection Gift Box is filled with luxurious truffe chocolates, inviting you to indulge in an incomparable taste journey.

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