Le Spa EviDenS Opens First Beauty Spa in Hong Kong

Youth is relative, beauty is absolute, it is the secret of essential rituals for an amazing sensations and experience. French Luxury skincare brand EviDenS de Beauté  "Le Spa EviDenS' had set foot in Hong Kong for nearly a year and still going strong especially with their regulars. Space is always an issue in Hong Kong and when you come to Le Spa EviDenS, you will be impressed by its space allocated and the stylish yet minimalist interior design. As all furnishings and appliances are carefully chosen for every thought, having just walked within a journey in the art galleries, the style is extraordinary and in distinguish fashion.
There are five separate rooms and two-person VIP room, accompanied by a hint of sandalwood incense. Enjoy a tailor-made treatment, would like being entered a private kingdom, the body and mind would be releasing.
Walk through the automatic doors, there is a promenade with ash tree wall which full of natural flavor. The selected best-quality Italian locust wood, in pale white color, match with the natural light outside the window, forming a soft atmosphere and a feeling of comfort and leisure.
The equipment of the Le Spa EviDenS bathroom, appliances, bathroom shower, steam room and Jacuzzi are made of Italy's leading bathroom brand KOS, Le Spa EviDenS is the first to use KOS top bath spa appliances in Hong Kong. Elegant fashion designs combined with high-tech adjustable lighting and massage stomata, could create a comfortable and aesthetic bathing enjoyment.
 The different colors of lights create different kind of mood while you were being indulged by the professional well trained beauticians.
We were organized with of one their latest and newly launched VelaShape™ II treatments, which is the first ever FDA cleared device for circumferential reduction and the first class II cleared device for the treatment of cellulite. With the advanced technology, VelaShape™ II combines vacuum suction, mechanical rollers, and heating through infrared light (IR) and bi-polar RF energy (RF), producing heat energy which is able to penetrate, break and burn the fats deep under 15mm of the skin with no downtime. Reduction in cellulite, firming, contouring and reducing of excess fat (unwanted lumps, bumps and bulges) and circumference are the treatment goals for VelaShape™ II.
It looks a bit like a big hoover with a hose attached. At the end of the hose is handheld device that transmit both radio frequency (RF) and infrared light while simultaneously massaging skin with mechanical rollers and vacuum suction. As it chomps its way across your flesh, it may feel like a series of overzealous kisses. Try not to think about it,instead think of the science, The heat from the infrared and RF energies increases metabolism of fatty tissue and shrinks the size of fat cells, The rollers and vacuum, act on the blood vessels to increase circulation to get the better result in more toned, tighter skin. But boy, you must be able to bear the heat (the level is adjustable), it really kicks in but hey, no pain then no gain, that's fair.
A back and shoulder massage was followed to sooth us after the "intense" session with the VelaShape™ II treatment before we end our session in the lovely Saturday afternoon. Indeed a pure indulgence comes with a concentrate evidence, you could certainly find it in Le Spa EviDens. We have decided to make a come back in the not for distance future to try out one of their many special designed treatments and massage. At least, our self dedication journey has begun.

1/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hotline: (852) 8227 8228

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