MIU MIU @ FW2013 Runway Collection

MIU MIU FW2013 Miu Miu collection combines several layers of meaning, joined together to tell a story with a cinematic attitude. A contamination of styles and inspirations: from the more subversive and artistic atmosphere of the 19th century Parisian belle époque, to the underground spirit of Milan in the 1980s, all the way to the marinier world. Feminine, slender lines, wide-shouldered coats, polka dots and striped patterns are combined in the same collection with industrial elements taken from a urban context, such as nylon parkas that leave the shoulders bare and sporty blousons with low necklines.
Sailors’ coats, tight at the waistline and featuring wide sleeves, black or navy blue breitschwanz collars and gold buttons, afford a glimpse of taffeta polka-dotted skirts, thus highlighting at the same time the frivolous and rigorous side of the collection. Sailors’ scarves show polka dots, gazarre stretch city dresses are matched with striped stockings, in a combination of irony and sensuality.
 A highly imaginative collection that stands away from daily life and suggests an appetite for change by playing around with the stronger pieces of feminine wardrobes and by offering a vision which is at the same time innovative and never predictable.
Footwear also combines traditional styles with details inspired to the world of work. Thick soles and steel zips are matched with small buttons and spats. Materials such as vitello rois and spazzolato alternate with laminates thus highlighting their contrasts.
Bags, in line with ready-to-wear, recreate a luxury sporty look. Their volumes recall the style of turn-of-the-century luggage, traditional shapes are reviewed with a modern twist and construction reveals extremely precious processing details.

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