45R @ SS2013 Collection

 45R SS2013 collection is casual, fun and colourful! It is simply elegant and stylish while some of the outfits are perfect for vacation. Floral prints appear in different presentations on different kind of materials that are fascinating. Linen is the first raw material for textiles in human history and is essential to garment making for 45R. It is all going back to the nature.
Established in Japan in 1978, 45R has surpassed fashion and adhering to its belief in the beauty of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship. Analogous to the Japanese passing down tradition from parents to their children, each of 45R design product feels like old favorite at the very first time it is worn and it is such quality that 45R clothing can be passed on from generation to generation. Feel the Mother Nature this summer with 45R SS2013 summer collection.
45R denim collection is both an established eternal classic as well as an art piece to the connoisseurs of denim and japan fashion.

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