Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon Three Gold Bridges @ Lady The Cream of Fine Watchmaking

Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges, Lady The cream of Fine Watchmaking is a silhouette enhanced by precious stones and fine watchmaking finishing that highlights its superb architecture, the famous Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges comes into its own in this feminine version. Cut in pink gold, the subtly profiled case gracefully fits the most delicate wrists. Crowned with a slightly domed sapphire crystal, its bezel and flange are set with more than 1.80 carats of diamonds, illuminating the Tourbillon three gold Bridges. Their perfect geometry is underscored by entirely hand-polished finishing, while the rounded proportions are gentle, magnified by an exceptional light-reflecting mirror polish. A delicately cut mother-of-pearl dial is perfectly positioned on the three Bridges movement. This Lady 38 mm version sports fine two-toned mother-of-pearl, natural white mother-of-pearl or a sparkling gold tone, matching the alligator straps and buckle set with 18 diamonds. Perfection is in the details. At the heart of an exceptional movement, the tourbillon and its 80 components fit into a 10 mm diameter. To keep its architecture intact, this Girard-Perregaux GP09600 caliber is fitted with a platinum micro-rotor lodged into the barrel's surround. Giving a subtle feminine touch, the barrel drum is decorated with a floral pattern unique to this watch; beautiful craftsmanship involving ten different operations. To complete the work, the exceptional signature can be seen on the case-back in delicate calligraphy. 
 Programming of the cut-out, in order to achieve the decoration of the barrel drum.
 Manufacturing of the decor of the barrel drum, with a digital machine.
The barrel drum is decorated with a floral pattern - a craftsmanship involving ten different operations.
The Three gold Bridges’ movement with its barrel decorated.

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