MTM @ Custom-Blended Collagen Rebirth System

MTM introduces the Custom-blended Collagen Rebirth System. Type III Collagen is abundant in newborn skin structure that enables rapid fibroblast cell multiplication and promotes the regeneration and restoration of DNA cells, maintaining the skin plump, firm, and elastic. However, Type III Collagen depletes significantly over time. MTM pioneers and applies lyophilization technology to the precious Type III Collagen to create the freshest dried Collagen. The vacuum-packed and purest form of Type III Collagen delivers 10 times the efficacy compared to that of regular collagen. Coupled with [Custom-blended Skincare] Essences, this product helps different skin types “to restore” to its newborn state. In 28 days, witness the miracle of a multi-dimensional revitalization of the skin!
Custom-blended Type III Collagen is a lyophilized synthesis of hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid replenishes Type III Collagen, stimulates cell restoration and re-growth, and promotes restoration of dense collagen structure to lift and firm facial contour. Effectively stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid to restore plump and moist skin. It rebuilds reticular connective tissue, resulting in plump and elastic skin, as well as smoothing fine lines
and wrinkles.
 There are 3 types of Custom-blended Skincare Essences. The <Custom-blended Soothing Jabara> contains Liposome Multi-Ceramide which rapidly replenishes moisture and increases moisture retention to restore plumpness to dry and sagging skin. Builds a protective barrier to retain moisture. Strengthens and reinforces the structure of cells to prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. <Custom-blended Soothing Jabara> is an active ingredient extracted from Citrus Jabara Peel that is native to Wakayama in Japan. Sooths inflamed skin, and improves sensitive and dry skin. Improves the immunity of the skin, strengthens the barrier of the skin, and effectively resists free radicals. Promotes the synthesis of collagen, and inhibits the deposition of melanin to restore lustrous skin. <Custom-blended Regenerating Delamyth> MTM is the first skincare brand to introduce Delamyth, a highly effective ingredient derived from the grape peel of Delaware, from Japan to Hong Kong. It activates the ability of self-restoration and regeneration of DNA in cells. Protects cells from UV damage, and prevents skin from premature aging. Helps to improve pigmentation, wrinkles, and lack of elasticity that results from photoaging, restoring firmness and elasticity.

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