AUDEMARS PIGUET @ 2013 New Ad Campaign

 AUDEMARS PIGUET 2013 new ad campaign dedicated to women featuring stunning images of supermodel Anouck Lepère and introduces a new brand line “There are exceptions to every rule” reflecting the spirit of independence cherished by the brand and its customers. It is the complementary feminine interpretation of the powerful brand campaign launched last year featuring the tag line: “To break the rules you must first master them” and will run alongside the current product and institutional campaigns starting September 2013. “Audemars Piguet appeals to strong-minded, independent women, who appreciate progressive beauty, craftsmanship and heritage. These values keep driving the brand’s vision through time, they are the soul of Audemars Piguet and we feel this new advertising campaign captures the essence of our brand” said Francois-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet.
Audemars Piguet has been developing timepieces and movements dedicated to women since 1883, and has consistently treated women to exceptional creations designed to mirror their attitude and femininity. Today, Jasmine Audemars, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, is  the only woman heading a major watch manufacturer. She incarnates the values of the brand and stands for the bold spirit of independence and female empowerment expressed in the new campaign. According to Tim Sayler, Audemars Piguet Chief Marketing Officer: “Audemars Piguet’s modernity is again at the centre of this new advertising campaign. We wanted to portray the Audemars Piguet woman with her unique sense of beauty and elegance, and especially her strong character and attitude. She appreciates our history and craftsmanship, but is clearly a woman of today and tomorrow who defies convention and likes to follow her own path. Just like our watches, the Audemars Piguet woman is exceptional in every sense. We think this iconic image also represents an exception in the world of female watch advertising.” 

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