LEE @ FW2013 Stay Serious Ad Campaign

LEE FW2013  ‘Stay Curious’ ad campaign drives the ardent young ones to ‘Stay Curious’, an inborn quality essential to push through boundaries and explore the world around us. Only through forward movements we can leave our comfort zone bravely. Only through curiosity, we can leave from stereotype bravely, and live a new day every day. And Lee is just like your second skin, your companion in life. It travels with you through memorable and unique experiences in cities.
 Exploring the City. A New Day Is a New World. The curiosity we are born with allows us to discover more and explore through new, amazing experiences. Curiosity is the key for us to escape from the familiar world and get acquainted with the fun-filled new world. Injected in Lee’s latest ‘Stay Curious’ campaign is a dose of exploration in metropolitan life, where we explore freely around the city we live in, discovering surprises and joy in our lives every day.
 Overlooking the metropolitan of New York City on rooftops, enjoying unique moments in a city fountain, the campaign in this season presents an amazing horizon where unexpected possibilities are actually happening in every corners of the metropolitan life. In Lee, they believe each pair of jeans is unique: all wearers establish a special kind of bonding with their own pair of jeans, as we voyage through our one of a kind exploration in a city. Lee jeans is the ‘second skin’ to record your journey of curiosity, be it the fading on back pockets created by your bike seats, or the scratch you made while climbing up a mountain, the scars are a collage of your journal.

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