A Secret Between Us 第一次不是你

This time, director Patrick Kwong had done it without his usual suspense ending but with a upfront secret to tell to his his audience. Kwong also trying to filtered the film with a more sensible soft touches by making the entire film more nostalgic and real. Some commented this is one of the best Kwong's torn between two lovers movies in his film making years, at least < A Secret Between US> by not just trying to create lots of unnecessary beguiles and mistrust in between each lover.  It was uncovered with purity and naivety into a young relationship yet dim with the local cultural aspects showing the teenagers uncertainty and not ready to face the actual real world of cruelty. Credit shall also be given to the new comers Edward Ma and  Angel Cheng (TVB's supporting actress) given their best in front of the camera without much acting in disguise except those in bed with scenes, still it needed to be more natural. Other supporting casts and child actors had also enlightened the film by throwing in a little more emotions and made the film much more watchable. However, does one really mind when the first sex experience with your partner for the first time and it was not with you? How far would you go for accepting that? Find out the answer from the film and perhaps the untold secret would be revealed.

Rating: 3/5

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