<Internship> is a total no brainier movie with lots fun-fill lines created and co-written by Vince Vaughan who is also the lead cast against Owen Wilson who played his best pal going through the low and high in their life showing the best comic charisma with formuliac script and easy going interplay. There are indeed  with a collection of mild laugh since their duo play in their film <The Wedding Crashers> except this time around they crashed in to the unknown Google HQ for a defined purpose. Indeed, the movie is made in co-operation with Google especially showing the groovy and obsessive office. Ironically, you need to Google to find Google to get yourself in touch with Google for the internship program. That's one of the gags well played and executed in showing the power of a most-wanted-to-be-at-place having offered to everyone to be part of the family. At least the film is inspiring and leaving hope to find a way out (a career to promise) especially when two middle-aged white guys finding their fortunes with what they are good at (the sales skills with human interaction). Yet, the jabs of wit of this film is filled with lots of fun with their naivete act and genuine sweetness bonding spirit with their fellow team mates. Unfortunately, Will Ferrell's cameo role didn't bring out his best but only shows more stupid than memorable. Australian actress Rose Byrne and Assif Mandyi from <The Daily Show> turns in some fine work by adding some side sparks to the movie. Get ready to recapture the comic magic and some Googlines.

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