Corneliani Flagship Store in Hong Kong

Corneliani flagship store will be opend in Hong Kong in the prestigious Landmark Shopping Mall, in partnership with THE SWANK. “This is another absolutely crucial step in consolidating the Corneliani brand in the Far East,” says Global Sales Director Cristiano Corneliani. This is the unifying theme of the brand that seeks to be a worldwide ambassador for Italian culture, without stinting in its admiration for Asia’s cultural heritage and for the symbolism of the countries that, season after season, extend a welcome to the Mantuan maison. The same composition of elements defining the entire facade takes its cue from the principles of axial symmetry typical of Italian Renaissance designs. Inside, the client is immediately enveloped in a welcoming atmosphere. The leather-goods collection is displayed in a luxurious ebony and leather case in black and beige tones against the brand wall with the Mantegna-esque ring motif in bronzed metal and Makassar ebony. Two more rooms follow. One showcases the leisurewear range and Corneliani ID, the unmistakable collection featuring a rigid distinction of formal clothing and of the way of dressing clichés. The flagship garment IDentity Jacket features a detachable chest piece with front and side zips, which make it perfect for both the active and the professional sides of life. With backdrops in suede framed in bright stainless steel and niches in Makassar and Tanganyika ebony, the various practical yet inspiring wardrobe offerings present a genuinely stylish choice. The other gives space to formal tailored elegance with sophisticated luxury accessories laid out in sumptuous ebony cabinets covered in grey leather and suede. In the dedicated Made to Measure lounge, guests can create and select their own Corneliani garments in total privacy. A display screen presents the creative process behind the renowned Made in Italy tailoring savoir faire. These are concrete and sophisticated signs of the vibrancy of a brand with over half a century of experience working with the most scrupulous respect for the values of tradition, quality and modernity. Our boutiques on every continent reflect the irresistible expansion of Corneliani, a name recognised the world over as a hallmark of excellence in timeless Italian elegance.

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