The Place Beyond The Pines

 <The Place Beyond The Pines> is certainly an intense and powerful film. This well directed movie is no doubt become one of the must watch classics in 2013. The almost 10 minutes opening one go scene had already told a very good story of a man with a lots of unknown past by leaving a good imagination to the audience as a start to find out if he is a real devil or an angel. This full of tattoos man (Ryan Gosling) lit a cigarette and inhaled heavily before putting his fitted leather jacket on and getting ready for his work in which he is best at (a motorcycle stunt rider) either willingly or not only for an obvious reason to survive - money. Film director Derek Cianfrance is reaching for the thorny themes of family, fatherhood and fate of a man with a dramatic life to live played by Ryan Gosling where his electric performance has won him many credits for not just being a pretty face. Indeed Ryan knows how to act. This roaring drama is compelling and the bank heist scenes are thrilling and crazy yet nervous, you do feel for him. The high speed chase down the alleyways, across a cemetery and along the streets were shot brilliantly. The story turns into a cop's struggle with his justice of work along side with his bad influences mates in the second half of the movie which has not missed out much from the movie front line consequences and inter-linked back from what happened. Bradley Copper's is another seriously talented, instinctive and risk taking actor who executed his role very well in this film since his charming performance in <Silver Linings Playbook>. In <The Place Beyond The Pines>, everyone is trying to find a way out for their promising life but can one really find a better place at the place beyond the pines and live on? The movie has an intriguing message to tell.

Rating : 5/5

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