Wong Kar-Wai @ 聲光回憶 Movie Soundtrack 24-bit 100kHz Mastering

This made in Japan 24-bit 100 kHz Mastering of Wong Kar-Wai's previous movie soundtracks is truly an album for anyone to collect and play at any occasion for R&R. This mastering of sounds will let you linger with many fond memories from Wong's movies made by bringing back those sounds and sight with affectionate atmospheric. There are many irresistible tracks like the <Jungle Drums>, <Maria Elena> by Xavier Cugat from <Days of Being Wild>. Our all time favorite are both of the <Siboney> tracks by Connie Francis as well as Xavier Cugat's version from the acclaimed movie <2046>. Not forgetting the unbeatable classic <California Dreaming> from the most original The Mamas & The Papas and <Dreams> by The Cranberries, both from the movie <Chungking Express>. The K2 HD Mastering is an epoch-making mastering technology which can pack the original attractive sound quality of master sources in each media with the information of rather wide frequency range up to 100kHz and high resolution of 24bit based upon K2 High Definition coding technology. With such high quality of sound and music production for a great listening pleasure. You can't ask for more especially when your mood is just right! 

Rating : 4.5/5

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