PRADA @ FW2013 Menswear Runway Fashion Show

PRADA FW2013 Menswear returns to its discussion of fashion through a series of proposals that experiment with the "perfect classic'. Throughout the collection, one explores the linear narrative of a man's wardrobe and style. The collection through its workmanship and colors, offers a sophisticated reality totally relevant to today. An imaginary bourgeois normality is the point of departure and arrival for the collection. 
On the same note, the selection of models of varying ages also communicate a realistic, sensible and highly personal look.
The fabric include vichy and pied-de-poule textures, shetland, leather and "panno double'.
Highlights include knitted borders on the blouson jackets, striped shetland sweaters, vichy-textured shirts with frills, coats in "panno double" and treated leather items with a "lived in" look.
As for colors, yellow, red and light blue stand out alongside the classic hues of grey and camel.
The shoes have a classic look, concealing a complex structure with elaborate, enlarged soles and zippers in lieu of laces.

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