The Stolen Years 被偷走的那五年

Hong Kong film director Barbara Wong set foot in Taiwan this time hovering her signature rom-com from teenager to the young adult's way of settlement in their relationship. The bittersweet <The Stolen Years> trying too hard to have you shed a tears of two by falling into the predictable traps set by Wong and her fellow screenplay writer's scripts did not flow as smooth as it should be. Old schools ideas could sell better when Wong's style of distrust, ways of damaging a potential relationship with unnecessarily brutal demand took place in her homeland in Hong Kong with her most preferable casts. When a sheep was put in a foreign land, the result for having the sheep to produce the same quality of wool may cost more that what it takes and the end result could also be lacking of the original essence of spirit. Wong's heroine directorial are more competence when she could be fully in charge in what she is best at. This could be the "stolen years" of Wong for not having produced her Hong Kong based rom-com but to suit different market for a better gain (perhaps). We awaits wong's home coming in a not so far distance.

Rating: 2.5/5

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