Sadako 2 貞子2 鬼胎輪迴

It was a joke, this ain't any horror films and with one of the least suspense with out-dated style in a horror movie making. The entire movie were badly edited with neither here or there for not connecting much with the linkage of the plots. In fact, this was the scariest part of the movie, It was the disaster. Was it spooky? No, it was one of the worst Japanese horror film ever made. Indeed the story was the killer and totally uninteresting. Where is our most anticipated Sadako that scared the hell of out our "seats"? Has she been reincarnated into something else being being so kind and backed in buried in her all time favorite well? It totally ruined our most anticipated image of our beloved Sadako. The acting was another most disguise wonders, we can't really stand those horrible screaming for sake of doing so.The only compliment to be credited for this film was the art visual and the production set and hence the beauty of the set may have just diminished the frightening part of the movie. Sorry, this movie is 100% not our cup of tea.

Rating : 1.5/5

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