Paco Rabanne New Fragrance @ INVITUS

Paco Rabanne is now exploring a new dream, the fantasy of victory, a new hero, the champion and a new scent territory - the sensual freshness for men : The INVITUS new fragrance from Paco Rabanne.
Invictus : the name proudly asserts its powerful masculinity and Latin identity. He is unconqueredinvincible, the hero whom nothing and no one can resist. In ancient times, athletes had characteristics of the divine, and today’s sports players have inherited the mantle of that ideal. Or perhaps the opposite is true! Direct descendants of their ancient forebears, Generation 2.0 idolizes these larger-than-life supermen, with imagery that borders on mythologicalCelebrated and worshiped though they are, these gods of the stadium are, first and foremost, men
The Invictus hero has already finished his athletic performance. He has won, he is the best, the trial is over… but that experience is too bland, familiar. He is riding the high of what comes next, the rush of sensations from an overwhelming win, the tumult of a crowd carrying him on their shoulders and tearing at his clothes, an exulting body bearing the visible signs of success, and the alluring promise of many even more sensual conquests to come. He is the ultimate masculine ideal, a magnificent specimen of manhood. His virility is raw, almost animalistic. He is what men aspire to and women desire. Beyond his physique, it is his triumph that makes him desirable. This victory not only gives him wings; it is an aphrodisiac. And yet, unlike other sons of Olympus come down to earth, he also has a sense of humour. His smile is his ultimate weapon.
Paco Rabanne Parfums loves to tell stories, and so each fragrance creates its own world and fully inhabits its values. Invictus was born of the desire to talk about sport in a new way, playing up the social fantasy it represents and going beyond a strictly literal scent narration. It aims to look past the typical ways of selling freshness and tell a real story through perfume.
 The primordial incarnation of the fragrance lends body and resonance to this new approach. Who hasn’t dreamt of one day walking into a stadium or arena, hearing his name chanted by the crowd, and becoming an object of desire? The demi-god of Invictus is a true contemporary hero, and it is his humanity, more specifically his sense of humour, that differentiates him from the hero of a traditional epic tale
This sensually fresh composition stands out in stark contrast to the traditional approaches to men’s fragrance. Neither a transparent summer splash nor a traditional cologne, Invictus is an extremely textured scent with very pronounced depth and base. To develop this fragrance and achieve this note of sensual freshness, the usual scent pyramid was discarded in favour of a two-layered entity. Invictus is a clash of worlds, powers, sensations, and values: a fresh woody scent, both muscular and spicy.

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