CARTIER @ The Mystery of Time

 CARTIER showcases its expertise at the WATCHES & WONDERS exhibition in Hong Kong with a one-of-a-kind display of the art and tradition of fine watchmaking, WATCHES & WONDERS is a first for Hong Kong and Asia. Experience Cartier’s renowned watchmaking history, craftsmanship and innovation through an array of superlative collections, including its most iconic timepieces, its high jewellery watches and the Fine Watchmaking and Metier d’Art collection, as well as the unveiling of a selection of brand new and exclusive watches for men.
 Full of exquisite designs, Cartier’s variety of watch collections demonstrates the incredible craftsmanship and artistry that the brand has to offer. The High Jewellery watch collection, gilded with flawless precious stones, is testimony to the quality for which Cartier strives, while the Metier d’Art line reveals an unparalleled level of creativity, innovation and dexterity in design. And behind these beautifully intricate exteriors lies an equally complex interior, where the same innovation and exceptional craftsmanship can be observed in the mechanism and movements of these complicated timepieces of the Fine Watchmaking Collection.
 In addition to presenting their new collection, Cartier will be sharing their unique style and history, as well demonstrating the innovation and inspiration that has led them to become so illustrious in the art of prestige watchmaking. At an event that exemplifies utmost stature in the world of haute horology, Cartier will be the centre of attention.

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